And here it is. The Blue Moon! The second full Moon this month. This happens approximately once every 2.7 years - the next one will be in 2018. It's a rare and powerful phenomenon (its energy being 12 times more powerful than a regular full moon) - especially for those of you already aware of the different energies the Earth and Lunar cycles bring.

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If you've ever had your astrological charts done, you may have been informed that, around 2012 onwards, there were going to be some big shifts in your life. Well, this Blue Moon closes the door on those big life events/changes/drama/mishaps/perceived mistakes - whatever you want to label your 'life lessons'. So it's now time leave the 'old' behind us. No more recirculating old stories and reliving painful memories through looking back. No more, "I'm this way because of this, that, him, her, Mum, Dad, x,y,z…"

Let. It. Go.

This is also the time to let go of expectations. What we think we should be doing, and what we think others should be doing. If you've awakened more since 2012-ish, then you'll have learnt some big life lessons. You may feel you're we'll equipped to guide people in how to live their own lives. Maybe be their teacher. Step in and take the reigns. Make them see things differently. But this is not your job.

Even when it is regarding the people we love and care for. ESPECIALLY when it is the people we love and care for. Start to practice acceptance. Everyone has their own journey and lessons - and other people have their own paths to follow. Just as we do. We cannot blame other people, or life events, for influencing our lives - and we can't try to influence or alter anyone else’s.

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We've been getting too caught up in what other people are doing or what we think they should be doing - and this prevents others from learning their own lessons or discovering what they need to. As well as severely holding us back. So guess what our lesson is here? Letting others learn their own lesson.

If you do take this opportunity to embrace the intense 'once in a blue moon' energy, notice how you are reacting with others.

  • Are you hovering over your children?

  • Overprotecting your loved ones?

  • Speaking up for somebody

  • Moving the (perfectly placed by the Universe) obstacles out of the way of others?

  • Lecturing your parents on your beliefs and modern ways

  • Keeping friendships because you think the other person needs you?

There needs to be balance between being grateful for these connections and relationships (because they are our greatest teachers), with shutting the door on toxic patterns and behaviours that no longer serve anyone. This Blue Moon energy gives us the perfect time and space to let go of the old stories we tell ourselves, break free from old patterns and beliefs - and listen to our SELF. Our Intuition.


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The next time you interact with your child, sit back and watch. Be there if they need you, but let them learn their lessons.

The next time you visit your parents, sit back and listen - with an open mind and the thought that 'it's OK, they're learning their own thing, in their own time.'

The next time you make a decision out of overprotectiveness, security or stability - ask yourself, is this my role to play?

Consider...maybe if I step back I will allow my loved one to learn their own lesson. Otherwise you'll find the hardship or the lessons will keep repeating themselves. If you step in, you're taking that opportunity away from them.

This Blue Moon will bring life changing events, for yourself and for those around you. Because as you step back, you'll discover a new found peace within yourself - and the people around you will grow through learning what they need to. It is the perfect balance.

This Blue Moon will bring the end of a cycle, old patterns, behaviours and thought processes - but see it also as an upgrade or promotion in your own being. For your journey. And for the peace of those close to you, once they make it through their lesson...