If you came across today's card spread on Instagram, you might've tapped in and chosen a card (LEFT <> MIDDLE <> RIGHT) - and now you're ready to receive your message! You may have even thrown out a little question beforehand. Whatever way you intuitively picked a card today, I hope it brings you some clarity, or meaning, around something happening in your life right now.

So, as usual, as I'm getting set up to bring through these messages for you and I've thrown off the jumper and taken off the socks - because the energy is intense and flowing, and it turns me into a little hot water bottle! Read below for the reading...


Express yourself through creative activities.

Goddess Sarasvati is such a graceful, yet independent, Goddess. She has one foot grounded, and the other casually, elegantly, confidently and effortlessly swept over her knee. She reminds us that you can be immersed in, and guided by, your spirited space - yet remain grounded in the world.

She helps us with all creative expressions (music, writing, dancing, speaking, gardening...whatever takes you to that place!) and values knowledge and creative expression above all material possessions. She asks you to not be distracted from the things that carry you away from your creative passions. To make the time to remind yourself of what these are - and follow your creative passions - ALWAYS. 


Important doors are opening for you right now. Walk through them.

Goddess Yemanya has granted your wishes! Like the ocean, life moves in waves and tides. Timing is everything. You need to catch the wave at the perfect time, for it to push you through. Hesitate for even a moment and it will swallow you up - and you've missed the opportunity to glide. Yes, a large wave seems scary at first, as it gains momentum, grows and sweeps up behind you - but if you jump on, the ride will be amazing! And everything you've ever wanted!

Opportunities come at particular times, but if you don't seize them, and watch them roll by you, you've missed your chance. Don't let fear, insecurities, or doubt hold you back. Show confidence and embrace trust in the process, just like Yemanya does. You're qualified and ready for this new opportunity.


The romantic stirrings in your heart have propelled the Universe to deliver great love to you.

Goddess Guinerve is the mother of true love. Of passion. Of romance. She also has a wise motherly and maternal grace about her, that makes you want to seek her advice on all things relationships! She is all for love, even when not in a partnership - for she believes this can still be achieved through the encouragement self love and self nurturing.

She asks you to ask yourself if your heart is fulfilled romantically? And if not, strongly persuades that something be done about this. Either through expecting more from your partner in this way, or through making sure you are treating yourself with the utmost care. And if you are considering a relationship, she helps you ensure that you enter into this partnership with a true love.