I'm waiting with excitement and anticipation for my newest gemstone to arrive in the mail! And I wanted to explain my choice of jewellery, because people often ask me ‘what does that crystal/gemstone mean?’ or why I wear certain things. 

The beauty I am waiting for is a Blue Sand Stone / Blue Gold Stone necklace, capped in silver (middle necklace).

I work a lot with crystals, minerals and gemstones – and all for different reasons. Some for healing, some for metaphysical properties (which I am very sensitive to and can tune into if I’m needing an extra boost of love, confidence, clarity, protection etc.) Others as a symbol/representation/reminder of particular things as I go about my day – think of it as a sticky note, or something written on the back of your hand!

Sand Stone (sometimes referred to as Gold Stone, and coming in several different colour versions of this) is actually a man-made stone, although derived from natural properties. Rather than it being organically dug up from the earth. I personally don’t connect vibrationally, metaphysically or energetically with man made stones, in ONE sense, but it is the perfect stone for me to wear every day as a symbol – without the strong vibrational pulling energies always being there, trying to get my attention! I do connect with it energetically in the sense that I set my own intentions with it and use it this way – which can be JUST AS POWERFUL.

Blue Gold Stone is made from coloured glass and copper shavings. Copper is a metal of the Earth, which is good for holding charges – and glass is an inert material. Meaning a totally unreactive, non porous element. So nobody’s yucky energy is imprinting on the majority of this gemstone (the glass) but it can hold beautiful charge in parts (the copper). The specks are ‘protected’, if you like. I connected to this Gemstone, and this is why…

For me it is a reminder of;

  • the light always being within the darkness
  • reaching for the stars
  • the infinite possibilities that are before us
  • our goals and dreams up there for us to reach

The appearance of the gemstone reminds me of outer space, with its deep black/blue/purple colour and random specks of sparkle scattered throughout – appearing as brilliant bright stars, shining in the night sky. It also reminds me of the strength and power of the stars – and the perseverance and dedication it takes to shine brightly. The way they stand out and override the dark – although they would seem incredibly outweighed by deep black space!

The upside-down triangle shape of this piece also has symbolism for me. The upside-down triangle is the elemental symbol of ‘earth’, as it points towards it when wearing it around your neck. Connecting to the feminine and grounding energies of Mother Earth. It also connects with Lunar Energies (as opposed to Solar – facing up to the Sun) and, for me as a Gemini, this ‘cools’ down and balances my Gemini ‘sun’ sign traits.

So that is why I chose it, for this exact moment in my life – that of course I only just put reasoning to now! I chose it because I connected with it – and and that’s all I needed. No logic, no over- thinking. Straight from the heart.

As with most things, your intuition knows what it’s doing – without any explanation needed at the time.

So when choosing your own Gemstones or Crystals, quieten your mind and pick up the first one that you notice. Or shall we say the one that chooses you, and influences you to look at it!

And that’s how you do it! xx