The Full Moon is an optimal time for reflection. The Full Moon's energy brings out things that were in the dark, and will now start to come to light. Truths are revealed.

It is the best time to make room for all the 'new' that you've been asking clearing away the old. The old grief. The old pain. The old energy.

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This is a time to take notice of, not only all that you have, but all that you would like in your life.

It's an opportunity to figure out what you want from life - and what you need to do, to achieve it. When we realise what we want, and haven't received it yet, often fear has been the barrier. So I have a little activity for you to include in your Full Moon Ritual, to release any blocks or fears - and get you closer to your dreams!

Grab your EasyAir Essential Oil Blend and rub it over your Heart Chakra, on your sternum in between your rib cage, before doing this journaling activity. EasyAir, the Oil of Breath, helps us to release the past, grief, despair, emotional, mental or physical pain. When our physical air passages become consctricted, they prevent flow and emotion from releasing in our chest - where our physical and energetic heart sits.

Whilst doing the following activity, constriction or tightness in the body may arise and EasyAir will support you in trusting that it's safe to open up, release and make room for life and love to enter. This Essential Oil blend of plant medicine, invites you to breathe out deepy (let go) and the breathe in deeply (receive/let in). It will allow you to fully open and release.

If you haven't yet heard of the amazing '100 Days Without Fear', you gotta check it out!

'That moment when you realize you want to live life to the fullest. The second you understand that the only thing between you and your dreams is fear. The instant where you decide to break free from a limited lifestyle and start having real experiences that will lead to real results. That, is the moment I decided to face one fear a day, for 100 days.' (

This inspired me to start thinking about my own fears; 

  • What would I face if I did the same challenge?

  • What am I truly afraid of?

  • Are these fears holding me back in life?!

So I started pondering…and immediately stress and fear swept over me. Images of Bungee Jumping, deep water ocean swimming and public speaking glided across the screen of my Mind's Eye. I started sweating, getting hot, tensing up...

As if (by even just thinking about it!) I would be made to do these things!

Like right here, right now! As if by letting my thoughts run free, I was somehow 100% committing to something?! And then I instantly felt I had to control this situation. What situation?! There was no one around, no real challenges, nothing or no one was threatening me - it was just my thoughts! (And that is a pretty solid explanation of what Anxiety feels like - from a Veteran.)

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Image via Pinterest


How powerful our thoughts are. I almost aborted the idea of (just!) writing down my own list of 100 - and only made it to 30, before I felt an inkling of an Anxiety Attack coming on. Yes, no joke. No matter how brave somebody appears, internal fear can be gripping! And is, more often than not, an illusion in our minds. (Minus the times there's real perceived danger - which let's face it, doesn't happen that often.)

But I proceeded anyway. And it confirmed that I am scared of a hell of a lot of things. But the best part, about it all, was that I was bringing things to light - and working through a whole lot of emotions and realisations at the same time.

  • I felt initial fear.

  • Then disappointment. I felt that, maybe, I wasn't living my life to the fullest if I was scared of so many things!

  • I felt embarrassment. Is it 'normal' to have so many fears?

  • Then I felt shame and guilt - as I started judging and comparing myself to others. Thinking; but she would do it and he wouldn't be scared of this!

  • Comforting acceptance rode in, as I wrote next to each fear if there were any real dangers attached. It just so happened, there were real dangers attached to most!

  • Then relief, as I worked through each fear and - let it go. For it wasn't affecting that moment in time. It wasn't in the present. It wasn't happening in my 'right now'.

You might ask "what's the point of all this?"

Well, we can never really move forward in our lives until we've gotten a grip of our shadow side. The stuff we push down, because it's too scary. One of my best friends always says "monsters live in the dark" - and it's SO true.

Once you bring fears to light, they're not as scary as they were in your mind. They don't take up space within you anymore. They don't control you. They don't influence your actions. Especially if they may never even have an affect on your life.

Plus, fears are a projected onto the future. Why are we trying to control the future so much?

So in saying all of that, what is the best time to bring things 'to light'?

During a Full Moon period.

As it's bright, exposing, spotlight shines down on us. With no shadowing from the Earth. Just a pure, unhidden, reflection of the Sun's light bouncing off the surface, straight onto us.


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Image via Pinterest

Let's release - and work through some 'stuff'.

To make room for all the 'new' that you've been asking for.

1. Grab some paper and a pen. Sit in a quiet spot. Get warm and comfortable. Light a candle if you like, and open the blinds to sit in the moonlight if you can.

2. Pretend you're going to do your own little '100 Days Without Fear' experiment/challenge. Or make it 30 days, 10 days. Whatever is easiest to start with. And write down the fears that you would face, on each day.

Are you worried that you're going to fail at something?

Are you fearful you're not good enough, or someone is better than you?

Are you afraid of pain?

3. Next, write down 'why' you're scared of each thing - you will start to notice a pattern. A lot of 'because I don't want to feel humiliated' came up for me.

4. Then, put a little tick next to the fears that you believe have a real danger attached to it, no matter how small or large the odds. e.g. Bungee Jumping - risk of physical injury/death. Public Speaking - nil risk of physical injury or death. Just a dry mouth, red face and racing heart! 

5. Notice, and write down, what comes up for you as you do this activity. Just notice it and don't judge it. Let it come and let it go.

  • Do other people come into your mind?

  • Do you feel any of the fears in certain parts of your body?

  • Did you try and quit doing this activity?

6. Once you've written all of that down, go outside and burn that piece of paper to release it all. You've brought it all to the surface, now there's no need to hang onto any of it - in your mind or in your body.

As your paper burns (put it in a ceramic pot plant if you have one) visualise all of those fears drifting away. It doesn't mean you're (immediately) not scared of them anymore, it just means that you don't have to carry them around with you - for self protection or defence. When, and if, the time comes that you are in real danger - you will know what to do. Trust me. Your intuition has got your back!

7. How to conclude this activity, 'flip it' and make your fears work for you. Click here to continue with this activity...

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