"One year from now you'll wish you started today."  

It's not about focusing so much on the future, and overwhelming yourself, it's about deciding what you want and taking small action steps, everyday single day - toward your goal, toward your dream.

Reaching Goals: She's Got Your Back www.spiritedspace.org

Reaching Goals: She's Got Your Back www.spiritedspace.org

You know you can't reach your goals by 'cramming', or making an effort at the last minute. Start right now, not tomorrow. NOW is all you have.

You can control your thoughts right now, your motivation levels right now, your actions right now - but you can't control them tomorrow, from where you are right now. Get me? (Take a moment to mull that one over! I had to - & I wrote it!)

A combination of these 'daily-action-step-NOWS' fit together nicely, over time, and complete a puzzle. When you take a step back, down the track, and observe, you'll see it coming together nicely!

In your 'NOWS', that nasty friend in your head might whisper discouragement, or tell you you can't do it, that it's too hard, that you'll never get there, that it's too hot/cold/late/early.  

If she does, I want you to move your attention away from that voice and ask for the nice friend - the other voice in your head. The one that tells you to "Stop eating", "Bite your tongue", "Call Mum", "Go to bed."

She's got your back on this! She'll get you to your goal!