What do these 3 things have in common? Read on beautiful...

So - hasn't 2016 been interesting.

Sure, sure - it's not over yet. And I'm definitely not wishing it to be!

But a little reflection before the year has ended, is needed. For me.

2016 has been my first year as a Mama - and a huge year of growth. In life, in business, in love, in spirituality, in relationships, in patience, in acceptance - in all areas!

I can now sit back and express gratitude for all the 'funky' energy I've been swimming through over the last couple of months. And, as always, I see the transformation and beauty in the contrast. I see the gifts.

Speaking to a friend today, this is how I described it all...

"I saw it all coming. I felt it and retreated. It tried to distract me and nudge me off my path. But I waited patiently, unreactively, for it to drop off. And now it has. And so I will surface again - and continue to do what I came here to do."

It did try to lure me in. It called to me. Danced around me. Baited me.

But I remained united with my bigger purpose and continued to pour energy into that.

And then it ran out of gas. It gave up. With misaligned intentions, it faded into the background. It was a stronger than usual 'funkiness'. And from observation, it reminded me of fireflies...

Like observing fireflies weave and buzz around - without any real intention or purpose.

Yet, trying to find their way home - I suspect.

Seemingly unaware of the light they shone themselves, as they're preoccupation with the other fireflies had their entire focus. And all together they were trying to be guided by each other's lights; all the while, ignoring their own built-in guidance system.

Seemed to go against everything they were designed to do - from afar.

But, I suppose, amongst the all consuming 'action', it would be a fight for survival. If you have that kind of mentality...

(Did you know? Female fireflies sometimes mimic the flashes of other species. They use a trick called aggressive mimicry to make meals of other fireflies!)

I hope, with all my heart, that the majority of those fireflies discovered their own light - rather than attempting to smother another's - for their own self sufficiency. And what a miracle it would have been if they realised they were all just trying to do the same thing. That there was no need to compete, steal, use or trample. What a united front they would have been if they all just looked to their own gift - and worked together in that confidence.

And what a powerful teacher observation was for me...

So whilst I pulled back, sat back, observed and conserved my energy - I was presented with the gift of space and time. And this allowed me to rise in other areas - because no one was crowding that space. They were all preoccupied!

Let me ask you...

Have you ever watched a documentary, or read something, that just blew your mind!?

And you just knew if everybody else watched it, their eyes would be opened too...
And they'd wake up and 'get it' too...
And everything would change for them!
And you could help them by sharing this!

So you sit them down and make them watch it.

And you're ranting about it. All passionate about it.
And you just know they'll have the same kind of awakening, as you did.

And then... they don't care. They're not that into it.

This moment for me was back in 2008, after I watched 'Food Matters' for the first time. Watching this opened up my eyes, to not only food and health...but so much more!

It was about societal structures. About the world. Us. Our values. The conditional limited lives we live. I saw it as so much more!

It was my Zeitgeist!

It was the start of a massive awakening for me, that had already begun. It was the tipping point. And after watching it - everything clicked.

I know the movie was just about food - but on the same hand, it wasn't just about food!

I became thirsty for knowledge.

Skip to now, and I feel the same way about these little bottles of Earth Medicine that I keep ranting on about.

Stay with me...




I see these aromatic compounds (obtained from Mother Nature's seeds, bark, stems, roots and flowers) as so much more than most people do. I see them as...

A movement toward conscious living.

Awakenings. Empowerment in personal health and wellbeing. A remembering of what we once knew. An unlearning of what we've been conditioned to believe. Movement away from societal structures. A reconnection to our healing Mother - Nature.

And most of all - a massive step away from just drifting through life, following the herd.

(Cos let's face it; our 'auto pilot' lives are not serving us. Somethings gotta give.)

And the best part of all of this!

All the time and energy I spent trying to explain things to my loved ones, in trying to get them see the docos I was watching and read the things I was reading (to no avail) - I had a realisation.

I became to understand that no one can change or learn or see anything - unless they're ready.

And with this plant magick affecting people's lives instantly, dramatically and so obviously - I've never needed to convince anyone of anything! Because deep down they already know. This hidden knowledge is already within them! They're just ready now! They need change! They want it, they crave it, they're searching for it.

So how do DoTerra and Essential Oils tie into this?

Oh my friend, I have so much to tell you - but just like the doco, you're not all going to want to hear it just yet.

So let me leave the following with you, for now...

I know they're just essential oils - but on the same hand, they're not just Essential Oils!

I honestly feel like they are the ancient healing tools, brought to light in our modern day. A pathway for Lightworkers, Healers and conscious livers to make the impact they really want to. In their own lives and in other's lives.

Using these tools and sharing them with others has such a flow on effect of positive energy - energy that originated from our Mother Earth. Given to us as a gift.

It has been a complete shift in consciousness for me - in terms of my life, how I want to live it, the way I can serve and the way that I earn money to live a life I truly want - not a life we've been conditioned to live.

An oil that has been shared with us by an organisation that focuses on enlightenment through...

- Empowering people in their own lives, rather than dis-empowering them with authority and lack of choice

- A culture of support and encouragement where you are never in competition with anyone. In fact; the better you do, the better everyone does. The better they do, the better you do!

For me, there aren't enough hours in the day and I don't have enough personal energy to affect the kind of change, or to help the amount of people, I want to help - but the connection to this tribe, and this movement, has changed everything for me.

Like I said - big shifts. Big downloads of consciousness. Big awakenings.

2016. Whoooaaarhh.

I will continue to share this as I embrace the next steps...because if you're reading this, I assume you're one of the beautiful souls who walks with me on this path of raising our vibrations. You may have also felt the shifts within you this year. And cleared the blocks to continue down the path.

I know you join me in wanting this world to thrive, not just survive.

Wow. What a year.

I wonder what amazingness the next 2 months will deliver us!