Look within.

We hear it all the time - but I'm not sure we're really 'getting' it.

Live your dreams.

Grow your intentions.

Anything is possible.

Still, I'm not sure we're really 'getting' that either...

We're just throwing around these words casually. Diluted versions of 'trust the process, listen to your heart, welcome in abundance...

With this recent download of energy, I'm still witnessing people scrambling around - trying to find a portal to release and share all of it. Trying to turn on the faucet, before they explode! Trying to impatiently find their purpose and their calling. (But, like...right now!) Trying this...and then trying that...and then doing another course...adding more and more to their toolbelt...and offering this, with this, and with that too!

And I want to shout out the guidance that has been dropping in for me to share. And that is, to ask yourself the question;

'Could I, or Should I?'

Let me explain - if something inspires you, through observation, and you get that excited feeling and you think; 'I could do that!' Pause and ask yourself - but should I?

Do you really and truly believe you have done all that you've ever done, been through all the you've ever been through and learnt all that you could have ever learnt, through every single second of every single experience in your life - to do this one thing? This one thing, that you've observed externally...? Is THIS truly your calling?

Has your entire existence and journey led you to this exact point in your life, just for you to settle and sell yourself short - and say 'well they're doing it, I could do that too.'

Do you really want that to be your legacy?

Do you believe it's your absolute destiny to observe someone else manifesting their true heart's desires, to respond with; 'so, that unique expression of you that you've created - whoa, what a coincidence! Because out of all the billions of cells and sparks and stars and creations and places and people and lifetimes and galaxies - that's my EXACT true heart's desire too! That's my calling too!'

Seems unlikely... in a Universe full of limitless infinite expression.

So ask yourself again - SHOULD you, or is it just because you COULD?

Wouldn't you rather choose the path where you create something entirely different and unique? Something that comes to you from your heart? A spark that's born within you, with absolutely no outside influence? Your special piece of that limitless infinite Universe - just for you.

Born out of you.

From you.

Something your higher self asks you to create and do. Something you have been slowly creating, your whole life, through a combination of your own PERSONAL, INDIVIDUAL, UNIQUE experiences, lessons, learnings, values, essence, skills... Something Spirit says you SHOULD do.

Creation. Creativity. The action or process of bringing something into existence.

Not very creative if it's already in existence...

I can hear you now, though - everything's already been done! And it may seem that way, but it hasn't. You know why? Because it's waiting for you to birth it! And only you can do this - if you truly start looking within.

Yes, there are ancient rituals and teachings - the threads that wind through time, decade after decade. The wisdom that survives history, that will be forever passed down. But these will always remain the foundation of creations (and should be honoured accordingly.) That word again - foundation.

When you were born - you were also created with all the 'foundations'. Skin, bones, blood, etc. But the way you're moulded and 'put together', and all your individual markings and pieces, is unlike any other human on the planet. Not one person is exactly the same as you are - and that's what makes you, YOU. That's what makes you so special.

Just as unique as you are - so should your calling be. So should you creation be.

The basis of your creation will probably fall into an 'industry' also - but the way you sculpt it and deliver it, is key!

You are the artist.

And here's how I've tried to instill these values into my own practice...

I utilise traditional energy healing modalities (the foundations) when working with clients, but what I have designed, The Energy Alignment, is not a traditional healing modality. It was something I was guided to design and create. It is a combination of all of my years of training and knowledge - and is unlike any other service offered because of this. The name came to me during a meditation and through my Tarot study, along with the structure of these sessions. I dedicated time and energy to perfect it. I looked within. I asked Spirit - and because of this I share this service with clients authentically and uniquely.

I also facilitate Women's Circles. Again, this is the foundation. An interpretation of the way in which women have been connecting and sharing collective wisdom for centuries. Lifetimes even! And something I respect and honour every time I hold this space, and tap into this ancient wisdom. Yet, the integration of the Moon phases and planetary alignments was something I was guided to include, from an accumulation of my knowledge in Astrology and Feminine Cycles. The content and the structure of these Circles is also something that was born within me and through me. I meditated and created. I asked and received. I tapped into Spirit and she guided me in how to structure these gatherings. She does this every Circle - therefore no Circle is ever the same.

And because of the way I have created these offerings, it feels authentic. It feels real. It feels like it has been moulded by my Higher Self - through consciousness.

But here's what I've witnessed lately...

When there's a bit of creative effort needed, a little tapping into the imagination required - people seem to be taking the easy road. And I believe that's because when you're handed a big blank piece of paper, you freak out.

You're overwhelmed with choice and limitlessness - and you're not really sure how it will turn out. You can't see a blueprint in front of you - yet. (Which is actually the beauty and authenticity of it all!) You can't see how it rolls out, step by step. Your fear and Ego creep in and you say 'but, I can't draw! I'm not an artist! There's so much free space to create. Where the heck do I start?!'

And so you look away from your Inner Self, your imagination. You get your pencil, look toward something else more established...and you start tracing. It's (incorrectly!) labelled as 'smart business' - choose a model that's working, and roll with that one.

But it's not really creating from that space within.

And it's a copy. A mimic.

It's a faint version of the original.

And what happens, over time, after tracing something? It rubs away. It becomes blurry. It doesn't last. It is a replication of something that was already there. And eventually it fades away - completely.


Because it didn't come from within.

It was the easy road.

And when you're trying to create, with the intention of spreading your light - if you can't dig deep, how can you expect others to? If you're 'tracing' and at the same time trying to guide others to be the truest version of themselves - the message becomes confused. And their tracings will be even fainter. Even less impactful than your original attempt.

Don't you want your legacy to be powerful?

To be strong?

To be in bold bright colours?!

Surely that's the ultimate way of making a positive impact...? To honour your true calling?!?

And so this is the message I have always tried to share, and it is what I will instill within my own daughter - just how individual she is. Just how special and unique her service to the world is. That she can lead without following. That she is totally worthy of creating and birthing her own unique expression, from all that she is and from all that's inside of her.

That its her 'calling' to create and not mimic. That, yes, that dark space at the beginning of creation can be vast - but it is full of life and opportunity also!

That she will always be brave enough and strong enough and creative enough to stand alone and blaze her own trail. That the easy path is not for her. That she is capable of MORE than jumping onto other's paths. That she is worth MORE than taking other's ideas. That she will never have a reason to trace.

That she is worthy and capable and awakened.

And the only way to do that, is to lead by example.

I wish every woman would do the same...

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