Hey! There you are!

I'm so glad you checked back in to read what your messages are for the week! As you know, I tapped into Flower Therapy Healing for this one. And for this reading, out popped the...

  • Daffodil
  • Pink Rose 
  • Waratah 
  • Pink Tulip
  • (and in went the caramel slice!) 

What does this mean?

Read on to see what these beautiful flowers, and their healing energies, wanted me to share with you today...

1. The current theme for you right now...

The Daffodil's energetic properties are related to bringing projects, or assignments, to completion. Daffodil also reminds you to always communicate and speak in a loving and positive way, and assists you to speak confidently - allowing you to deliver what you want to say, in a way that your audience will be open to hearing.

Look at the trumpet or speaker, coming out of the middle of the Daffodil. Anything coming out from the heart of the flower has a long, smooth, journey down - before it's release out into the world! Think of your communication and messages in the same way, and always coming from a place of love. Make it a smooth delivery, with timing, and mindfulness - before it trumpets out! 

Have you been feeling frustrated when you're trying to share something with someone, and you feel their resistant energy? Or you're just not connecting on the same level? Daffodil helps clear your Throat Chakra, so that everything you share, comes out with the intention of sharing the message of love. 

Do you feel you have a life assignment or purpose, that you don't speak about? That you need to get started on? Do you have something inside of you that you feel you need to share? Are you frightened or not confident in sharing this? The Daffodil reminds you that all that you share, or need to share, is divinely guided. Yes, it may take time (to travel down the tube) - but when it does, it will be delivered with love and will only benefit others.


2. The blocks around this...

Do you feel like you're living two lives - like you have to be one person around certain people and somebody else around others? Do you function under the falsities of a persona? The Pink Rose highlights your blocks around your confidence and acceptance of yourself. Your self esteem lacks, because you haven't accepted, or recognised the perfection and beauty of yourself. You don't see yet, that you are perfect - just the way you are.

The way you are when you're with the people you love the most. The way you feel when you're alone. Your authentic self. Pink Rose is letting you know that you're not letting your true nature shine, you're hiding it away. You're not loving yourself, you're picking at imperfections. You're presenting two faces to the world, and picking and choosing to only show the parts of you that you think people will like.

Look at the Pink Rose, look at it's perfect unfoldment of each petal. Yes, it is made up of many different layers and parts (just as we are) but when looked at as a whole - it is absolute perfect, interconnected and beautiful. All is exposed, for us to admire. It doesn't only show you it's favourite parts - and this allows you take in it's beauty, for all of it's amazingness!

You're forgetting that everything within you was born out of love. There are no mistakes. Pink Rose wants to help you to open your Heart Chakra, so that you can fully love yourself, let your authentic self out and let your inner beauty shine - for others are missing out on this!

3. Guidance to clear, or heal, these blocks...

Image source Pinterest

Image source Pinterest

The Waratah knows that, to clear these blocks, you need to become the true you. You need to dig deep and find the courage to tap into your life purpose - because this is the true expression of you. Waratah reminds you that it's time to, firstly accept this, and then step into the role you were born into. Waratah takes away any fears, insecurities and doubts you have related to achieving your life purpose.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?" - Marianne Williamson.

Waratah stands tall, and strong, and beautiful, and independent, and bright. It comes out of it's shell, and when in bloom, can be admired from great distances away - showing how powerful its presence is when blooming. It exudes confidence, it shows the world who it truly is. It's time for you to move forward, with conviction - forward onto the path of what you were born to do. You know what this 'job' is related to, when it ignites passion inside of you! The thing that brings you joy and happiness. You may not know why, just yet, but Waratah helps you to accept that this is your life's mission - and the world needs you to come out, larger and brighter than you ever have before!

4. Outcome, if you choose to listen to the guidance given...

Tulip appears, to help you relax and focus better. If you follow the guidance from Waratah, you will slip into the synchronicity of the flow of the Universe. You will stop pushing against things, and start to flow with life. Things won't be hard - and boundaries will be removed. But your job is not to figure it all out. Your job is to 'be yourself', as Waratah instructed - and the rest will fall into place.

Look at Tulip, so graceful. So poised. So relaxed. So effortlessly bending over. Trusting that nature has designed a stem, perfectly enabled to hold it up - as it leans back, yet smoothly and elegantly reaching up. Tulip knows that you've felt like you're not making any progress, but this is when balance is most needed. To get into this 'space', Tulip reminds you that if you follow this guidance - your soul will be nurtured. Everything will come back into order. Harsh emotions will be removed. You will have more time for you. You will fall back into a relaxed state of peace and trust.

Your well being will benefit - and you will determine, clearly, how you would like your life to play out. Tulip urges you to remember that there is a specific order to how things work - and everything happens for a reason. If we listen to the guidance given, in the order it's given, (without trying to control things with our human egos) you will see just how easy and beautiful life becomes.

"You don't have to go after anything. Everything you want is coming to you!" - Abraham Hicks.

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