As I've spoken about before, the Full Moon is the perfect time for us to release the blocks, and face the fears, that have been holding us back. I've already given you a little activity on how to find out what these fears are, but there's a second part to this...

Learn how to ‘flip the thought’ and manifest your desires

Knowing what you want can sometimes be hard to figure out in your mind. But, your soul knows exactly what you want and has written a lifelong list of ‘wants’ and ‘don’t wants’ – derived from your experiences from the time you were born. Even if you can’t get to that space as quickly as you can get to your mind – it’s there. 

Sometimes it is a little easier to be more sure of what we don’t want, but I’m going to help you to remove your energy from that space – or you’ll keep getting what you don’t want!

It’s that one thing that gets in the way, the biggest barrier. Especially when we don’t see our ‘wants’ coming into our life when we think they should. We look around, notice they’re not there and revert straight back to a negative thought of lack, failure and disappointment. The second part of that of course…well, energy flows where attention goes! So you're going to keep getting what you don’t want. 

Let's learn to flip it!

  • If you don’t want to be overweight – what is it that you DO want then?
  • To be healthy, to be slim, to feel good about yourself, to wear the clothes you want, to feel comfortable.
  • What does that look like to you, feel like?
  • If you don’t want to be broke, or stressed about money – what is it that you DO want then?
  • To have an unlimited amount of money coming to you, to have all of your bills paid, to feel financial security, to have the freedom of buying anything you want.
  • What does that look like to you, feel like?

We need to keep our thoughts here – focusing on that second part. 

If the seedling could think like us, it would definitely not start germinating under the ground focusing it’s thoughts on the fact that it doesn’t want to die. That’s not it’s job! How would that help? It’s only job is to do everything it can to reach towards the sun and the sky – grow strong, and big, and green, and healthy! It would keep it’s thoughts there - because it knows everything will be supplied to it, for it to reach it's absolute potential. The sun in the sky, the air around it, the rain from the clouds. (Remember, thoughts are energy. The seedling may not have human thoughts, but it has energy.)

It is hard to create a positive feeling when there are physical bills in front of you - and when your reality is so different to what you’d like, or prefer. It is a really big effort to switch your thought and it takes concentration and effort – but remember how amazing we are as humans. We are the controller of our thoughts. We’re just out of practice. What if I also told you that...

it has been scientifically proven that a positive thought is hundreds of times more powerful than a negative thought. 

Would you at least test it out? Would you at least make the effort to challenge the 'hard, big effort and concentration' thinking? (I didn't hear the word 'impossible' in there!)

So, how do you switch to a positive thought quickly when you’re out of practice? If it’s proving difficult for you to start, Abraham Hicks says that you should say…

“I don’t have to think about that right now, this very minute. I could go for a walk for 10 minutes. There’s a little relief. A little escapism. And it has already eased your mind, stress, feelings, worry. Find any thought that gives you relief. Even though that doesn’t solve the problem, you’ve moved in the direction of a positive thought, from where you were. And that is where you want to be. That little bit of relief has huge power and benefit. Start to think that finding that relief (changing your thoughts to positive, without actually putting the pressure on yourself to do that) is the only thing that matters."

Anita x

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