There I stand.

Frilly grey peplum. Black heels. Oversized handbag (bursting with laptop, A5 diary and client files), sunnies on head, and the tiniest hint of the 'me' wrapped around my wrist – wooden Mala Beads.

Selfie-ing a moment in time.

That day, back in 2013. Waaaay before I’d moved to Western Australia. Waaaaay before I was pregnant with my first child. And waaaaay before I was practicing Energy Healing, facilitating Women’s Circles and doing Readings (well, publicly anyway.)

But between you and I, all of these were ALL written down many a time during New Moon Intention Setting – alongside my Vision Board displaying images of the same!)

‘Profesh Biz Woman Attitude’ in tow... 

I headed on my way to meet up with my bestie for a celebratory brekky; before a full day of meetings. Our ‘business babies’ had reached a milestone – and it was time for cappuccinos, reflection, reminiscing, gratitude for self created freedom, plans for what was next…and a big middle finger to all those who said we couldn’t do it!

Just 2 and a half years earlier, we’d (almost at the same time) done what we were advised, by everybody, not to do. We left our full time jobs and pursued self-employment in our industries. We’d rode the ups and downs of entrepreneurship together, rejoiced in one another’s successes, picked each other up by the collar when it got tough, shouted coffee for whoever was having a slow month and had (hour after hour long!) brainstorming sessions. Often with a glass of wine in hand!

A trip down 'Career' Memory Lane...

Back to the title though - the high heels to harems is a bit of a stretch. My cupboard was almost always split in two. Professional Me and Real Me. (Which I suppose most people’s are.) As soon as the ‘white collar appropriate’ attire came off, at the end of a working day, I’d slip into some sort of aztec print pants – and the crystal necklace was un-tucked from underneath my neckline. I never in my wildest dreams thought I could combine these 2 identities.

(Actually, I fib. Those pants weren’t entirely for after hours. I’d forgotten that I’d held Conference Calls and Phone Consultations with clients in my home office - and those pants were definitely present! They were just hidden under the desk – an appropriate metaphor for a big part of my life that I’d also kept concealed. But more on that later…)

Between 9 to 5 (actually more like 6am to 10pm when running your own business!) I coached people in everything career related. Desperately wanting my clients to discover and pursue their true life purpose - yet most with their focus on a pay rise or a promotion. In an industry or job they weren’t that interested in. And sometimes, even hated. Titles, corporate ladder climbing and their idea of ‘success’ is what they were after.

But, that was their choice.

And, as I do now, I just held the space for them – to do their thing. They wanted their Resume professionally developed – I did it. They wanted Interview Coaching – I did it. Week long Workshops for school leavers, injured workers and the unemployed – I did it. And was always paid generously for it. I chose the hours I worked. I had a pretty office – with the option of working from home. And I could arrange my clients around my life. Pretty sweet set up! I was SO grateful for what I’d created. But something was still amiss…

All was well in my world; especially to those people looking in. In the past, I’d created some waves when it came to my employment choices - to say the least. But after a successful couple of years in business, and even more years dedicated to the same industry, I felt like my parents could breathe again. “It must be going OK then”, I imagined them thinking. Relieved - just like when I’d made it into my 3rd year of Uni…but then dropped out. (No wonder they were always anxious in anticipation of my next move!)

Primary Teaching, Nanny, BMW Receptionist, Bar Attendant, Public Service Clerical... 

I’d dabbled in a fair bit! Thing is though, when my heart isn’t in it - I cannot take another step down that path. I jump straight off! Often disappointing others, from their limited belief systems and viewpoint on ‘commitment’ and ‘security’ – yet getting happier and stronger, and closer to my true passion, every time!  

Then 2015 blew me out of the water.





I had the freedom and space and distance to really pursue what my heart called me to do – so I did. I, step by step (and from what seemed ever-so-slowly, but actually wasn’t in hindsight!) transitioned into a role I was most comfortable within. And had always, truly, wanted to be in.

Yes, it took me over some speed bumps. Yes, there was a heap of block clearing and fear busting. But no hesitation around ‘change.’ (I’m a Gemini – we crave change!) More around allowing myself be the true, authentic, real, unhidden ME. She’d been hidden for a fair few years now (you can read more about that here), with only a few that were close to me ever really knowing all of my real SELF. It was definitely time. Time to take my own advice. To do what I’d always coached my clients around – following your calling.

And since then, my entire vibration has changed.

Something I wrote in one of my earlier Instagram posts sums it all up perfectly…

Owning it. It's an amazing feeling when you finally start living your truth. It's like you've been walking through life, alongside yourself - and you've finally (and literally!) stepped into YOU. It's energising, exciting, thrilling, limitless, freeing - yet; primal, calm and comforting. My intentions have always included the word 'FREEDOM'. And here it is. In a completely different form to what I ever imagined...So here 'I' am!

When my vibe changed and I started following my true path (led internally, never externally, through Intuition) - my whole world changed. It was a relief. It was a looong time coming. And business? Honestly, and not arrogantly - same result in vibrational shift.

I’ve had more clients than I ever did in my first few months of my last business. Even though I followed ALL the rules, back then. Went to ALL the business training available. Got ‘in’ with ALL the networking groups. Followed ALL the latest marketing and advertising trends. Did ALL the suggested business and financial planning. I wrote career related articles and publications for the local media and made ALL the right contacts.

And now I can see, CLEARLY, how if you’re not aligned energetically, all of that ‘pushing’ doesn’t move very far. Or for very long.

Yes, I was extremely busy and I had clients. I'm not saying this to gloat, and I am entirely grateful for it all - I'm saying that I met all the typical 'business goals'. And sometimes that's just not enough to make you really satisfied with what you're doing. 

And following someone’s else’s path? Big mistake! If you’ve done any sort of business training, they’ll often box you into a category and tell you to find mentors and businesses you hold in great steed. So that you can ‘do as they do’ – mimic their successes. Let me tell you; it doesn’t work. And if it seems like it does – again, it won’t move you very far, or for very long.

If you’re not putting ‘out there’ what you’re feeling ‘in there’; then none of the other stuff matters.

You’re not aligned.

I pushed myself to the limits within my old business. I stretched myself thin. Saying ‘yes’ to every opportunity - whether it was aligned with me, my intentions, goals… or not. Spending hours and hours getting my ‘name’ out there. Pushing, fighting, pushing and more pushing. Not hard selling (never been into that yuckiness), but pursuing and chasing and hunting down like a Lion!

What a lot of wasted energy.

If I only knew that it just needed to be projected in another way! That there was a much better use of my energy; with much greater results available. Let me explain…

Yes, some of that ‘work’ rewarded me in ways. I obtained contracts and funding and referrals and clients. I could pay my bills, I had the flexibility to travel and I worked my own hours. But if I could’ve just seen, back then, that there was a WHOLE other way of approaching it – I just know I would’ve connected with way more clients (and the right ones!), in a much easier way, with a much better work life balance for me, with a much better outcome!

It also wouldn’t have initiated the self-doubt, judgment, comparisons and lack of confidence – or attracted the industry competitor narchiness, client stealing, program imitation, bitterness and sly sabotage attempts. But as I see now, that competitive scarcity thinking was the vibe I was rolling with - unintentionally. My ‘competitors’ (another business training terminology!) were just vibing on my vibe! We were ALL playing the game. Acting as if there was only a certain amount to go around. Like we had to ‘get there’ first – in some sort of ridiculous imaginary battle. (Yuck!)

And whilst I’ve never listened to ‘nay-sayers’ (or answered questions around how I’m going to ‘do it’ or “do you think that’ll really work?” - whilst others attempt to project their own fears onto me); it is a wonderful thing to just do what you love doing. The doubters and haters that used to creep around, are nowhere to be seen. Or maybe they are, and I’m just not even noticing them! (Again, it must be that they’re hanging out in a WHOLE other vibration.)

It’s exactly what I always rant about – do the energy work first. Line it all up vibrationally, and you will not have to fight for what you want. It will flow to you. Effortlessly and easily and WAY more enjoyably.

“You don’t create through action; you create through vibration. And then, your vibration calls action from you.” Abraham Hicks.

So, now that I am ‘lined up’ energetically, I have an even clearer view of WHY I want to do the work I do. I receive my business advice intuitively. I work with the energy, well before I take action. I'm entirely, 100%, focused on the purpose of what I do - and not the income. And this has led me to connecting with an amazing group of people. Miracles are starting to unfold in front of my eyes. I’m being graced with some amazing people with some amazing energy - from all over the place! Locally, Perth and beyond – with my first international client booked in this week.

Following my true passion has led me to a great deal of insight around life purpose – and an absolute feeling of limitlessness. Limitlessness in connecting with as many people as possible! Limitlessness in creating a lifestyle I want! Limitlessness in sharing the energy within me - that SO wants to get out! Limitlessness in the enjoyment I get out of everything I’m doing!

But the best, and most exciting, part about it all!? 

I just want to share this energy with everybody! 

I want to remind everyone how to tap into it again!

I want this for other people too!

From my heart to yours! From my Intuition to yours! It’s just a simple change in thinking, perception, energy – and a few old blocks to be cleared out. And it doesn’t just have to relate to business, or career – it can be applied to anything in your life. 

I believe in you xx

(As I sit in my harem pants, Himalayan salt candle lit and Tarot cards spread out in front of me - totally 'owning it'.)

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