About Us


About Us

Hi, I’m Anita!

And I’m a HypnoBirthing Practitioner, Earth Medicine Educator, Women’s Circle Facilitator, Freebirther and Spirited Mama

I birthed this business from my own journey of becoming an empowered woman and Mama, long before I even considered having children. Because this journey started way back, and was one of…

fear, anxiety, dis-ease, toxicity

I went from being absolutely petrified of Pregnancy and Birth, to birthing both of my children naturally and drug free at home.

I went from being a child on antibiotics every other week, to a Mother who has never had to give her children Pharmaceuticals.

My intention in connecting with conscious thinkers like YOU MAMA, is to share my own journey to remind you of what you once knew. To help reconnect you to Yourself. Your Inner Voice. Your Rememberings. Because YOU know what is best for YOU.

In Birth. Mamahood. Conscious Living. Empowerment. Healing. Life.

And to reconnect you to our Healing Mother - Nature.

Your Intuition and Your Ancient Wisdom.

My philosophy centres around each individual’s incredible innate wisdom to thrive, heal and to birth. And so I hold the space for those wanting to unlearn, de-program, live consciously and become in-sync with the natural world.

Today I support and guide Mamas and Mamas-to-be who are feeling the call to tap back into our Herstory. I am passionate about holistic and natural health, becoming in sync with the natural world, Earth Medicine, energy alignment, women standing in their power and of course the return of Matriarchy!

You with me?